Helix Evacuees Camp

A few of the more active members of the Helix community got together and set up their own RP location.

Fortunately my single RP at Helix had made enough of an impression I was invited to join them.

The rough story, (which is still a work in progress), is that there was a disaster of some kind and the city was evacuated. The RP is in a crater where one of the groups of evacuees ended up, here’s a few pics of the small but intruiging place:

For some reason I never really feel part of an RP group til my character has somewhere to sleep. Some space was cleared for me to put up a tent:

My new home on Mars. Quite a step down from the cheap but comfy hotel room in Helix.

I shall see where the story goes next, I really have no idea, but often they are the best kind of stories!

The Verse – Haven

With the closure of Helix RP region, one of the other suggestions made was a place called Haven, so I went over and had a look.

On arrival I read through the info available, the rules and storyline etc. Here I found that Haven is just part of  a group of 3 RP regions, collectively known as “The Verse”. It’s based around the FireFly TV Series from 2002-2003.

Though being aware of the show, I never followed it, so just went by what the Do’s & Don’t s in the Rules notecard before going for a brief explore. You Do need to click the cube for the InfoPack,it has the rule nc’s (if you’re too lazy to read them, the basic rules are on yellow boards on the walls) but also landmarks for the various key locations throughout the 3 regions. You’ll need these because there doesn’t appear to be a tp pad to leave the arrival point.

I just explored the ground level with just a brief visit to the Capital city that also looks like there’s lots more to explore. Certainly a possibility that needs further investigation.

One final point that may please the Trekkies is that unlike Helix, you’re welcome. Provided you obey the Prime Directive (I’m sure I don’t have to explain that here). There’s info about agreeing with the admins in the notes, if you want to do business or missions you’ll need permission.

Landing point for Haven: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Verse/148/236/71

Helix City…Region closes just as my story began

So in my last post I wrote about my first RP as a citizen of Helix City. The very next day I received the following in a Group Notice :

Group Notice From: |Helix| Roleplay, Forsaken Later

Helix Family – Thank you all for your overwhelming support but due to RL, the owners and staff have made the hard decision to close Helix. 
This was a heavy choice and we do not take it lightly.  Everyone has helped shape Helix into a great community and we want to again thank you and hopefully we will see you all again in the stars!

-Helix Administration

Well that’s that. Quite disappointed to say the least. But in the current financial climate when many people are struggling to make ends meet, it’s understandable. Obviously this leaves a rather large number of players in search of a new SciFi/Cyberpunk RP location. I suggested Hangars Liquide, and there were other suggestions, so we shall see where we all end up.

Helix City – RP Begins

I paid another visit to Helix City, following up on my previous Helix City introductory review post.

I looked around at their various rentals they offered. If I was going to be visiting, I really needed at least somewhere safe to retreat to if the streets got too dangerous.

I opted for the cheapest option, which was a room in a hotel. I figured it was also quite realistic approach. Finding some temporary accommodation when new in town, makes more sense than renting a big apartment if you’re not sure how long you’re staying.

My new room in Helix City, standard hotel room layout with sci-fi tweaks.

I then went for a bit of a wander to see what was in the immediate vicinity. I found a small back alley place where some of the locals were hanging out.

I introduced myself and reacquainted myself with the woman I met on a hover bike on my first visit. They invited me to sit and have a drink with them. So I joined them and we chatted.

The locals. My new..friends?

I was asked the obvious questions of what brought me there. I hadn’t thought too much about my story at Helix yet so I recycled one. I adapted the ‘bounty hunter’ approach from my RP at Liddell Correctional Facility to fit the scene. I said I had been pursuing a bounty and had the tables turned on me, I was now the one being pursued. Hiding out in the crime – ridden Martian city made sense.

I padded this out when asked how I’d come to be a bounty hunter, I said it was a matter of dishonourable discharge from service, although I did not clarify *which* service and politely declined to expand on the “why?” because I had just met them all.

Overall a good beginning to a promising RP story.


I was invited by a friend to go and visit an RP region by the name Deathlands. The name conjures up various possibilities of what it may be like, from a massive graveyard to a giant killing zone like in films such as Predators,The Running Man or Mad Max. The latter type is closer to accurate when you include the words ‘post apocalyptic’.

It’s an abandoned mining town setting with military base aspects, the welcome notecard describes it as:

Industrial, mining & military/civilian island community

The history describes a nuclear attack approximately 60 years previous. This leads to the possibility of mutations of your choice in generations since. So plenty of variety possible excluding any advanced technology, there aren’t even any functioning cars. Varied remains of main street stores through to a submarine.

It’s an interesting place that could lead to some fun RP. I’ll probably be back to explore some more, see what the mine has to offer for starters and see if anything develops.

Arrival point: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paradise%20Kingdom/88/35/22

Lydius City Inn and Tavern

In a previous post I visited the Tavern outside the walls and another time I had explored inside the city with potential plans to move there.

The decision has now been made for me however, the forest homestead is closing due to funding issues. So everyone based there is moving to the Lydius region, which is Full region rather than Homestead.

So I paid another visit to the City to explore housing and character role opportunities.

So I approached the gates of Lydius to find them surprisingly open and a guard sleeping in the doorway.

Sleeping guard at the open gates

I stated my business and intent to find new lodgings and perhaps run the Inn or Tavern. When I mentioned I already had girls that could work in there in various roles,(which is true I’m still in contact with a couple of them from my old Tavern) he seemed very interested in showing me the places.

The potential issue here however is the differences between an Inn and a Tavern in Gorean lore. Lydius is a BTB (By The Book) region, meaning it’s supposed to stick strictly to the lore.

In Gorean lore the only females you’d find in a Tavern would be those on their knees serving drinks, dancing mostly naked, or on their backs in curtained-off alcoves. Taverns are basically male-only drinking dens. So having a female proprietor would be most irregular.

The Tavern is nearest, with the Inn at far end.

On the other hand an Inn is a much more respectable establishment. More suited to providing accommodation to visiting merchants or similar.

Inside the Tavern. The Inn is pretty much identical.

Neither place is currently used often, mainly due to lack of proprietor and serving girls.

I have to decide if I want to take on the role of innkeeper or not. It may be dependant on the availability of my former serving girls, (or recruiting new ones) since no place can be run properly without them.

This post was featured on the SecondLife Community Blog on 11th June 2020.